Rise Ball




Rise Ball Grip - Top View

The Rise Ball Grip

When working all backspin pitches (rise ball or flip change) the Logo must be up when at the bottom of the arm stroke. The ball must be spun backwards violently and accurately in order to keep the weight in the center of the ball. If performed properly the weight will cause a very organized swooshing sound and the red stripe will spin straight up and down. You have just put a rise ball spin on the Personal Spin Coach.


Rise Ball Grip -Side View

Develop a Devastating Rise Ball - Most Notorious Pitch in Softball

When using the Personal Spin Coach at home you can do the self spin drill literally anywhere. Recruit a bit of help (AKA "Dad", "Mom", "Best friend", etc.) and you can turn any safe room into a spin training room/living room.

Spin a rise ball 3 times to yourself then, get in a great release position and spin the ball to your catcher, or helper who is about 5 to 6 feet away in the lazy boy , on the couch or on a bucket. Good help is hard to find? (Family member is not around and a catcher is not available) Improvise! With parental permission, you can do this same rise ball drill into the lazy boy or couch cushions. Keep spinning until your start to feel your hands wrist or forearms are starting to get a little tired.

One of the best ways to learn to throw a devastating rise ball is to first learn how to spin the ball to yourself and catch it with your pitching hand as illustrates above. (LISTEN TO THE BALL IT WILL TELL YOU SOMETHING)

The personal Spin Coach is also commonly used as a spin recovery tool. Have you ever had a day when a pitch was flatter than others or you just "don't have it"? Well, get your Personal Spin Coach out of your bag and start spinning the pitches that are not working properly. Often times it just takes a bit of light muscle memory refresher and you will be cranking off hopping movement pitches.