Curve Ball




The Curve Ball Grip and Spin


Image #1 - Starting Position


Image #2 - Set the Weight


Image #3 - Spin Like Serving a Plate


Because the personal spin coach has a movable weight, it is possible to shift the weight to a position where half the movable weight is in the core and half is in the stem near the rim of the ball. This causes the ball to have opposing weight in the rim on opposite sides if the ball.

The red stripe on the ball should be very close to horizontal. (See Image #1) The weight on the opposite sides of the ball makes it perfect to help the pitcher spin the opposing weights around an axis that is pointed up. This causes a side spin and produces a curve ball movement on a pitched ball.

The added weight strengthens the fingers and hand muscles. This to produce ever faster revolutions per second and enhances muscle memory. More revolutions per second equals more movement or break on your curve ball.

  1. First "Set the weight" in the bottom of the ball by turning the logo to the floor (See Image #2).
  2. Then turn the ball up so your palm is facing the ceiling. This will "shift" weight to the stem in the rim of the ball (See Image #3).
  3. Now spin the ball sideways with your palm up like your serving a plate of food and your are learning to throw a curve ball.